The Chimney Specialist’s Code of Ethics

The purpose of this code is to establish a uniform standard of professional chimney and fireplace ethical practices regarding quality, safety and pricing.

A professional chimney and fireplace contractor always:

1. Studies the Building Codes and understands how the applicable codes apply to chimneys he encounters.

2. Studies previous Building Codes to understand the timeline of how we arrived at where we are today with the Building Codes.

3. Studies and understands the Safety Codes such as the NFPA 211.

4. Continually keeps up to date with new Building & Safety codes and regulations in the chimney industry.

5. Continues his training with industry released videos, seminars and courses.

6. Continues to research new chimney repair technology and does not use or recommend a new technology until it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

7. Abides by the Building and Safety codes in all of his dealings and does not consider that his opinion and experience is above or superior to the actual codes. He understands these codes are laws.

8. Refuses to accept unlisted component parts in prefabricated systems.

9. Refuses to put the client's financial considerations above their safety.

10. Refuses to put the client's financial considerations above the safety of future owners of the property.

11. Includes all the work he expects to encounter when delivering a proposal to a client and does not purposely leave work out that he can submit a change order for mid project.

12. Refuses to cover up a situation that came up during a project, knowing it will become a problem for the property owner in the future.

13. Refuses to allow uncertainty or fear to influence his report to his client when inspecting the system. Instead of simply condemning the system (the "Easy & Safe" way out) he takes the necessary additional steps to really discover the actual and true condition of the system so that a correct diagnosis can be made and reported.

14. Refuses to allow shoddy workmanship and untested/unlisted components to exist in the systems he is responsible for. While quality may not be as important in carpet laying or paint it most certainly is in chimneys.

15. Ensures that all of the members of his group follow the Chimney Specialists Code of Ethics.

16. Ensures that the members of his field follow the Chimney Specialist's Code of Ethics.

17. Actively educates the public on the need for chimney safety.

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"Thanks to Boston Brick & Stone's EXCELLENT inspections of the chimney/fireplace and the foundation, I was able to make an informed decision about a home purchase. The pictures and diagram included in my report spoke a thousand words and perhaps, literally, may have saved my life."

- D.B

"I would give Boston Brick & Stone something better than an A. They were the best company that I ever dealt with for anything. They took care of everything. They came according to my schedules. Golden Angie's list and golden golden company."

- J.M

"They included rebar which was not incorporated in the original construction. Brilliant craftsmen! Responded promptly, Gave an estimate and stuck to it. Continued to work in a rainstorm by placing a plastic tent over the work area. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone who will listen."

- S.W

"Nancy and I would like to thank you and the whole team at Boston Brick & Stone for our new chimney and front walkway. This was an exceptionally positive experience for us. Your company's professionalism and focus on detail and workmanship is refreshing and appreciated. "

- J. & N.G

"I was quite pleased with the work Boston Brick and Stone did in my garage and of my driveway. I was taken to their shop and got to meet everyone. I had changed my mind several times on trying to decide somethings during the processes and they were more that willing to adjust to suit my needs. I would recommend them for your home improvement projects anytime."

- E.S

"I had been in the process of buying a new home and was told by our home inspector that it would be advisable to receive a chimney inspection. So, I called Boston Brick & Stone and they were able to send someone out the very next day. The inspector was very courteous and professional he answered all my questions, I was very happy with this service."

- L.K

"The work on our two chimneys was an extensive job that we were not looking forward to. But the company's service was thorough, and the work crew was excellent. Always on time and courteous, they kept the work sites shockingly clean. A pleasant surprise!"

- N.R

"Boston Brick rebuilt the fire box in our fireplace and made some repairs to the chimney. During the job, they took care to minimize the mess they created. They cleaned up carefully afterward. All their dealings with us were polite and professional. The work itself looks solid. I would use them again. "

- D.H.B

"They were always here on time. They took our basic idea of what we thought needed to be done and turned it into just a wonderful, wonderful project that was more than what we had expected"

- A.B. | Homeowner

"My wife and I couldn't be more pleased with the work that was done to our new patio. It looks far better than we envisioned. The attention to detail, especially around the steps, is simply amazing. Boston Brick & Stone showed expertise in their field, beyond others. Its a new flagstone patio that we are in love with. The workers were diligent and cleaned up completely at the end of the job. Highly recommended. "

- A.N

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