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Boston Brick and Stone craftsmen have restored brick and stone structures all over the Los Angeles area. They take great pleasure and pride in their work. It takes a deep passion to do restoration correctly. The correct end result is a restored brick structure that is only noticed for its structure and beauty.

Brick restoration is one of those jobs only a few pros truly understand. There are only a few things one can do – to destroy the appearance of their home – that are worse than having an incorrectly done brick restoration. If the work is not done correctly, the result will be large, highly visible scars across the face of your beautiful brick home. I think we have all seen these disfigured homes. And like a facelift gone horribly wrong, it is very difficult to correct. We have been doing this for 25 years and guarantee all our repairs and restoration projects.

Types of Brick Restorations

No one should ever notice that a brick structure has been repaired. It takes a true craftsman to beautifully restore a brick structure.

There are basically two types of Brick Restoration.

Repairing a Broken Brick Structure

The first type of restoration is used to repair a broken brick structure. It takes a lot to break a brick structure; an earthquake, a heavy windstorm, broken water or sewer lines, aggressive tree roots pushing up or old dead branches crashing down.

A lot of control, patience and downright stubborn determination is necessary to restore the function and beauty.

This type of damage usually requires tearing down all or part of the structure while carefully preserving the bricks

Since there is usually about a 40% loss of the old brick, the preserved brick is blended with stock used brick and a bit of new brick to create the original look.


The second type of Brick Restoration is known as tuck pointing. The mortar is crumbling, gaps have formed and sometimes, bricks have moved out of place or are missing.

The old mortar must be scraped or ground out to a depth of about one inch between each and every brick.

The real secret of tuck pointing is in the mortar. The color of the fresh mortar must be matched as closely as possible to the old mortar.

The newly scraped out recesses between the bricks are carefully filled with fresh mortar and then the bricks are gently washed, and washed, and washed again until every bit of the excess mortar is gone and the water runs clear.

The final result is a beautifully restored brick structure that looks as good or better than when it was originally built.

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What our customers say about our brick services

"We recently had Boston Brick & Stone out to repoint the brickwork on the from of our house in Alhambra. It was a very good experience from the initial contact with the estimator to the final walk through with the Supervisor. I think they did an excellent job. The workers were on time every day and didn't take breaks. They cleaned up every day before they left. All in all it was a good experience. I would definitely recommend them for any brickwork."

- P

"I would give Boston Brick & Stone something better than an A. They were the best company that I ever dealt with for anything. They took care of everything. They came according to my schedules. Golden Angie's list and golden golden company."

- J.M

"They included rebar which was not incorporated in the original construction. Brilliant craftsmen! Responded promptly, Gave an estimate and stuck to it. Continued to work in a rainstorm by placing a plastic tent over the work area. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone who will listen."

- S.W

"Stanley and his helper did a great job, he was very cooperative, great attitude, friendly, clean. I was also impressed with your office staff. It is very rare these days to call a company and have the phone answered by a person. Ana was very polite and friendly and professional and I had the same experience when I spoke with Geneva in accounting. All in all I have to say I had an exceptional experience with your company. I very much look forward to our next project together and if I¹m asked if I know a good masonry company I know who to recommend."

- D.R

"Both jobs were beautifully done as I had expected. But what I really wanted to express to you was my appreciation for the quality, cordiality, prompt response, and utmost professionalism that we received from your entire staff: estimators, clerical, and field personnel. In the past twelve years in Southern California, I've had many occasions to perform inspections on work performed by Boston Brick & Stone, and I was well aware of the quality of work that you produce. It was no surprise to receive the same at my own home."

- R.H