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Boston Brick and Stone is licensed, bonded and insured to design and construct driveways that are functional, strong, resist wear and tear, and improve curb appeal. We work with the homeowner to design the perfect driveway using concrete, decorative brick, brick ribbon with concrete, cobblestone, paving stones and decomposed granite.

For almost 20 years, Boston Brick & Stone has grown to be the most relied upon chimney repair contractor in the greater Los Angeles area. We have taken those same skills to bring our customers sturdy driveways that will improve the curb appeal of any home.

Boston Brick & Stone has been a featured contractor on HGTV's “Landscaper's Challenge” and on “Backyard Brigade.” Additionally, Boston Brick & Stone has been selected by the United States National Park Service as the trusted resource to handle their most exacting masonry and restoration requirements.

Decorative Brick Driveways

A brick driveway is a beautiful addition to many homes. The bricks can be laid in any number of patterns from a very simple running bond design to basket weave to herringbone. Non-traditional designs are also available.

Brick Ribbon with Concrete Driveways

Many people want a brick ribbon either bordering the driveway or running through the driveway. There are different shades and colors of bricks that can be used. Some types of stone and pebbles can also be used as a driveway ribbon and add a very unique perspective.

Concrete Segmented Driveways

A beautiful lawn and landscape highlighted with a concrete segmented driveway are individually designed to the homeowner's preferences. This can add a unique “green” look with grass growing between the concrete segments.

Stained Concrete Driveways

Stain can be added while mixing the concrete to give the driveway a different look. Staining is often added to make the new driveway look as if it has been there for many years, or to match an overall design color scheme. Different stain color can be used to enhance the exterior of the home.

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Stamped driveways are another alternative. Once the concrete has been poured for the driveway, design forms are pounded into the wet cement. There are many designs from which to choose. When used with the stained concrete colors it can be made to look like cobblestone or many other designs in lieu of adding brick or stone accents to the driveway.

Paving Stone Driveways

Paving Stone driveways are a popular and less expensive way to get that old world, cobblestone effect.

Decomposed Granite Driveways

Decomposed Granite is a low cost, semi permanent solution for walkways and driveways. This product needs frequent maintenance and is not recommended in many areas of Los Angeles.

Get an Estimate for your driveway project

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Our professional, courteous, expert estimator will inspect your property, consult with you on the vision you have, answer any questions and provide a detailed and complete estimate. Any Boston Brick & Stone estimate also includes a 30-day “no pressure” price guarantee, so you can evaluate your options and ask as many questions as necessary to help ensure you make the best decision for your home and family's safety. At Boston Brick & Stone, We Do It Right The First Time!

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What our customers say about our driveways

"Both jobs were beautifully done as I had expected. But what I really wanted to express to you was my appreciation for the quality, cordiality, prompt response, and utmost professionalism that we received from your entire staff: estimators, clerical, and field personnel. In the past twelve years in Southern California, I've had many occasions to perform inspections on work performed by Boston Brick & Stone, and I was well aware of the quality of work that you produce. It was no surprise to receive the same at my own home."

- R.H

"I would give Boston Brick & Stone something better than an A. They were the best company that I ever dealt with for anything. They took care of everything. They came according to my schedules. Golden Angie's list and golden golden company."

- J.M

"They included rebar which was not incorporated in the original construction. Brilliant craftsmen! Responded promptly, Gave an estimate and stuck to it. Continued to work in a rainstorm by placing a plastic tent over the work area. I would use them again and recommend them to anyone who will listen."

- S.W

"Besides being masters at their individual specialties, they were all gentlemen. Of course they were respectful of our home… but they went that extra mile. Whether it was letting me know the gate was closed so the dog could have a quick run or helping me carry in groceries because the natural pathway was temporarily obscured, they were thoughtful and caring, beyond anything I had ever experienced. Your men, from the stone cutters on down, are artists. All in all, it is over and not only can we say we have no complaints, but we actually miss your crew! "

- B.W. & B.W. | Homeowners

"I was quite pleased with the work Boston Brick and Stone did in my garage and of my driveway. I was taken to their shop and got to meet everyone. I had changed my mind several times on trying to decide somethings during the processes and they were more that willing to adjust to suit my needs. I would recommend them for your home improvement projects anytime."

- E.S